Highlight Speaker 2017

Challenge thinking: Don’t reinvent the wheel - Do IT better with what you already know. Leveraging your business through adding digital.

David is Executive Director for Place Operations and CIO, Essex County Council  and set the groundwork for the first of the new shared services models for the public sector by leading on ICT shared provision across his county. He is still driving the move toward infrastructure free technology services, integrated with the business. In his opening keynote speech, David wants the audience to rethink the ways of doing things. He will share his perspectives on the future for technology, industries, enterprises and governments. Learn from David how digital transformation affects and determines not only business models and IT infrastructure, but alos everyday’s life and what that implies for your companies and industries. On stage, he will put the pieces together, bring digital programmes to life and stear the boat for a successful delivery over a pre-defined period of time.

The Internet of Human Things

Ade McCormack is a former technology and Financial Times columnist, who now concentrates on strategic matters with a focus on the near future. He has lectured on digital leadership at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the author of a number of books including ‘Beyond Nine to Five: Your Career Guide for the Digital Age’. He has worked in over 25 countries. In his keynote speech, Ade will make IT leaders aware that now they have the opportunity to create an environment that will attract and help retain the talent they need to advance in business. He will point out why leaders need to encourage innovation while moving out of the industrial era. Now ist he time to think about the design of systems , policies, flexible structures and to take the lead to influence. Innovation and change come along with risk, but how much risk can you take and manage? What happens if you decide not to take it? Learn the answer from Ade McCormack.

The North Highland’s accelerating journey to digitalization: Identifying and meeting the need for the IT department to change in internal structure and external communication.

Ben is a Managing Director of North Highland and is the Head of Global CIO Services. He has spent over 15 years working with Technology Leaders of FTSE 100 companies. Ben has extensive experience in delivering infrastructure and application architecture strategies and solutions, as well as outsourcing, insourcing and organisational restructure. In his presentation Ben will reveil insights on the North Highland’s accelerating journey to digitalization. He will help us not only to identify but also to meet the need for the IT department to change in internal structure and external communication. For Ben Digital is not about providing a fast lane or taking more risk. Digital is rather about professionalizing the whole of IT to work in a faster and more repeatable way, with less risk. Ben will show you how the strategy is set, capital is allocated, procurement is organized, business is changed, and finally how to change it all together. Don‘t over-think and underact in your digital journey. Everyone is different, you just need to start.

Digitalization in process: How to successfully cross over to hybrid solutions between IT and business in order to digitalize tools and products with Digi@GEA.

Before Lars Northeved joined GEA in 2011 he was CIO at a cable manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany. After becoming Engineer (Dipl.) Lars worked as a 3rd party surveyor in the oil/gas/chemical industry, then moving into the cable manufacturing business where he held several management positions within Quality Assurance, Procurement and IT Alongside his studies. At the Rethink! IT Europe, Lars will take us deep into the heart of GEA and introduce the audience to Digi@GEA - Digitalization in process. The audience will learn how their company can successfully cross over to hybrid solutions between IT and business in order to digitalize tools and products, how to push the conversion of analogue to hybrid products with a considerable higher digital content and how the usage of advanced algorithms for optimizing process lines can determining a timeline for pushing the limit. According to Lar, if only the business knew what they wanted IT could easily deliver.

The journey of Volvo’s connected car – Digital Disruption, DevOps, Software Delivery and the impact of enterprise IT

Isac Antblad is responsible for Connected Cars IT design and delivery, that includes Cloud Solution, Mobile Operators, Backend systems to secure Customer Services such as Volvo On Call, Volvo Sensus Connect and In Car Delivery and more. Isac has worked as a manager within SW Design and integration of complex systems within Telecom most of his career and latley also automotive. In his presentation, Isac will take us on the journey of Volvo’s connected car and reveil how Volvo was impacted by enterprise IT, digital disruption, DevOps and software delivery. In a world that is more connected than ever, speed and pace determine growth. Isac will show why traditional industries need to address new ways of working and changing their business model. Volvo’s connected car is changing driving as we know it using technology to create products and services.

Next level mobility: How to turn IT-driven innovations into customer value in the mobility services domain?

Johannes Emmelheinz studied Biomedical Engineering at Giessen University and Business Administration at IWW Hagen Distance Learning University. Prior to 2008, he was the Head of Services Business for various sectors and Regions worldwide within Siemens AG. From 2008 to 2012 he was CEO of Siemens Rail Services. Johannes Emmelheinz has been CEO of Mobility Customer Services since 2012.